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Clean oral care essentials delivering healthy outcomes for people and planet. Think happy oral health, gut health and a happy you!

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    All good habits need to be supported with good oral care essentials with good ingredients. This means no nasties like SLS, triclosan, parabens, glycerin. Instead we hand blend in small batches with lots of love 100% organic mineral ingredients that have natural healing properties to support your oral health and overall wellbeing.

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    We know that gut health plays a huge role in overall health. The gut is connected to the digestion, metabolism and immune system and the brain. We sometimes tend to forget that the digestive system starts in the mouth. This means the mouth and the gut have a close bond. Oral health can have a direct impact on gut health and poor gut health like digestion imbalances can also create oral health problems. Our oral care products look to not only keep your teeth in good health but also support and maximise the overall health of your mouth (oral microbiome) and therefore your gut.

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    We invite you to join our quest to be fully sustainable. Toothpaste along with mouthwash and dental floss are a crucial part of our oral hygiene. Yet they are all made with single use plastic packaging that are contributing to landfill and filled with chemicals that are polluting our fragile aquatic ecosystem. Our products are 100% organic, pure, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly to preserve the environment that sustains us, from the outside in. Clean essentials for a clean planet!

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1 jar of ohGiGi toothpowder saves 2.5 plastic toothpaste tubes ending up in landfill. We aim to offset 1 million single use plastic toothpaste tubes by 2023!

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  • "I was really excited to try the GiGi tooth powder as I've been looking for an alternative to toothpaste that was friendlier to the environment, and still let me feel like I had that well-scrubbed clean teeth feel. The initial couple of days took a little getting used to the taste, but now I love it and use it twice a day - and am surprised at how quickly I was able to adapt my behaviour. It's really gentle and feels amazing afterwards on my teeth, and with a dose of peppermint still makes me feel like I have fresh breath. A little getting used to but well worth it given how clean my teeth look and I am doing something more gentle for the planet!"

    Leigh M

  • "ohGiGi is the first and only tooth powder I have tried. My teeth feel cleaner and more polished and I love that the powder is pure goodness with no nasties in there, makes me wonder why I haven’t made the move to a cleaner product sooner!"
    Nerissa B

  • "A huge hit in our family. My mouth feels clean and my teeth feel polished. The kids even say their teeth look whiter."

    Vicky P

  • "It was very salty and I loooove salt. The taste was nice though, I did love the feel and cleanliness. :) Good work on the product. i got used to the salty taste after a few brushes and i do like the toothpowderI have to say."

    Stephanie W

  • "Best tooth powder ever you must try this my teeth feel amazing and it leaves a beautiful after taste."⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


  • "It’s refreshing to have a sugar free toothpaste option. I was pleasantly surprised at how little I needed to use and how clean my mouth felt afterwards!"

    Dianne M