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We love that you’re here making conscious, planet friendly decisions on an everyday basis. We want to make your healthy and sustainable low tox journey convenient by creating our subscribe and save program to help you keep plastic out of our landfills and harsh chemicals out of your bodies.

How It Works

You choose what kind of ohGiGi toothpowders you'd like to subscribe to and we will auto-ship it to you at your frequency of choice. Set it once and we’ll do the rest! 💌

  Step 1: Click “Subscribe and Save” on your toothpowder of choice  

Step 2: A drop-down menu will show allowing you to choose the frequency of your choice

Step 3: Follow the prompts to complete your order, and it’s done!


 If you want to pause, change or cancel your subscription, you're free to cancel before your next charge date through your customer portal or email us 48 hours prior to your next subscription dates and we will do that for you at