Why Organic Tooth Powder - Our Story

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Founder, Karen is a Wellness Architect, Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) and a Wellness Entrepreneur who lives in Melbourne, Australia. 

Photo of Karen Tan founder of OhGiGi Organic Tooth Powder

The Start of Karen Tan's Wellness Journey....

After getting sick from an unhealthy built environment, Karen experienced first-hand the impact of health hazards like chemicals & toxins.

In order to heal, she immersed in every area of Wellness - especially gut health and removing chemicals and toxins from her life.

Digging deep into her own Wellness journey, she became an Integrative Health Practitioner and extended her studies into building biology and trained as a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP).

Why Karen Tan started OhGiGi....

Whilst learning more about oral microbiome and what happens to our brains when it detects sugar, our Founder did another sugar audit of what she thought was her very "clean" home and found her healthy toothpaste contained sweetener and was not toxic free.

Born out of this…ohGiGi!