Good For Your Gut

Traditional toothpaste just focuses on cleaning and preventing cavities and the chemicals can kill off the healthy bacteria inside the mouth, but our toothpowder and oral care products do more than that! We know that they not only help clean the teeth but also detox, heal and nourish the gums and teeth by attracting and drawing positively charged toxins and heavy metals out of your mouth and body and through remineralisation of the teeth.

Introducing minerals to your teeth and your mouth helps to

  • Strengthen your teeth
  • Protect gums from decay and infection and keep them healthy
  • Fight off harmful bacteria and promote fresh breath
  • Reduce and prevent sensitivity with less cavities
  • Reduce plaque build up
  • Whiten teeth by removing stains

This in turn supports healthy oral microbiome which supports gut health and overall health to

  • Heal your skin
  • Balance and optimize your digestive system
  • Improve immune response