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Dry Body Brush

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Dry brushing is an age-old process of brushing the skin before your morning shower or getting changed to

• stimulate lymph flow and improve blood circulation

• exfoliate, buff, and remove dead skin

• help eliminate toxins

• boost energy levels and wellbeing as part of a morning routine

• prepare skin for fake tan application

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Wooden Base, Sisal Bristles, Cotton Handle


100% Recyclable / Reusable box

How to Use

Dry Brushing Ritual
1. Starting at your feet, gently press the brush down on your skin and brush up your whole leg using long strokes making sure to get the front and back of the leg 3-7 times. Adjust the pressure according to your comfort levels. Pick the brush up after the stroke is complete and start again. Do not stroke downwards away from your heart.

2. Move to the other leg and do the exact same thing beginning at the feet.

3. Next is the belly, brush using a circular clockwise motion 7 times.

4. Head to the lower back and neck, still in long upward strokes towards your heart.

5. Then move to the arms, raise your arm about your heart, and stroke from your wrist towards your upper arm, and under the armpit area towards your heart.

6. Repeat with the other arm.

7. Then brush the shoulder and chest in short gentle strokes down towards your heart.

8. Shower or bathe immediately after body brushing to refresh the skin and wash away exfoliated cells.

Warnings & Care Instructions
Always ensure the entire brush is dry before using.

Keep your dry body brush clean by washing it with a mild soap.

Never brush on inflamed, broken, or damaged skin, e.g., open wounds, varicose veins, sunburnt areas.

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