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Handmade Ceramic Toothpowder Dish White by Caroline C

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A handmade ceramic toothpowder dish white by ceramic artist Caroline C to support your new and sustainable daily oral care routine.


This handmade toothpowder ceramic dish white by Caroline C is the perfect accessory for storing just the right amount of toothpowder for your daily use and also if you're sharing the jar with others in the house. It ensures the toothpowder in your jar stays dry and free of contaminants. The dish's durable, smooth, and non-porous surface also makes it easy to clean.
With minimal, timeless, and stylish simplicity, it is a great match for any bathroom decor, easily complementing any variety of styles with its neutral colour.

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As these are handmade, no two dishes are the same.



How to Use

Using our toothpowder ceramic dish is easy! Follow these steps for a successful and sustainable brushing experience:
Remove the lid and scoop a small amount of toothpowder into the dish.
Wet toothbrush and shake off excess water.
Dip bristles into the toothpowder.
Brush teeth and gums gently for 2 minutes. Rinse and SMILE!
At the end of the night, or when there's no toothpowder left in the dish, rinse the dish with warm water and allow it to dry.

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