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Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner

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A 100% pure copper tongue cleaner to support oral hygiene.


Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic technique done before and after brushing your teeth that has been shown to be an effective way to remove and reduce undesirable bacteria in the mouth that can compromise your gums, teeth, and oral health. It removes the coating on the tongue which are toxins left behind by your body's detoxification process, therefore, helping to reduce bacteria load and the by-products of mouth bacteria linked to bad breath and improves taste sensation.

Free From



100% pure copper


Honeycomb Paper

How to Use

For best results, use twice daily - first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

1. Hold each end of the tongue cleaner with both hands.
2. Stick out your tongue and gently place the tongue cleaner as far back on your tongue as comfortable.
3. With firm but gentle pressure, pull the tongue cleaner forward on the tongue and scrape the surface of your tongue in one long stroke.
4. Rinse the tongue cleaner and repeat 3-4 times until your tongue feels clean and is free of coating.
5. Rinse your tongue cleaner after.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tracy Henricks
oh my..... ohGiGi

This stuff is fantastic !!! I have been using a popular toothpaste for sensitivity but found I had a bad taste in my mouth and it was irritating me. As soon as I began using ohGiGi everything has settled down and Im very happy with this result !!!

Jan Mullin
Ogigi tooth powder

I like how clean the toothpowder leaves my mouth feeling and my teeth are starting to look whiter

Kate B
Love this product!

I have been looking for a tooth powder for a while and ohgigi is the one! I love that it is handmade in Melbourne. My mouth feels really fresh and clean. An awesome switch that I’m telling everyone about! Thank you ohgigi!

Rebecca Clarke
Love the tooth powder

So far loving every bit of my products. The tooth powder leaves my teeth feeling so silky clean and the tongue scrapper is so much better than my kitchen spoons. Thank you to customer support for making sure I got my order as my address was put in incorrectly.

Hi Rebecca, thank you for your kind words and the toothpowder ❤️! We love helping your teeth feel amazing! Karen x


Perfect shape, so easy to use